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Did you Submit your site to DMOZ directory? I know it is a old practice of getting search engine attention. Thought it is not that effective these days, still you can still use it for extra benefits. Your site reputation and $$$ worth will be more better than being without a DMOZ listed site. The PR 7 backlink from DMOZ will be effective in one or the other way. Thought we are not completely focusing on getting amazing benefits from DMOZ, still it is very effective to generate good results for your site authority. If you are not much aware of  about DMOZ directory, you can read this post for more information.

Submit your Site to DMOZ Directory

Why to submit your site to DMOZ Directory?

DMOZ, also called as Open Directory Project, is the biggest directory source on Internet. There are thousands of categories and millions of websites listed on DMOZ directory. You might be wondering, whats the big deal about DMOZ? Well, there is a big deal. If your site is listed in DMOZ, its considered to be a well known and well optimized site. Not every domain name or website is accepted here. You have to choose the right niche, right category, right sub-category and provide right information to get your site accepted by DMOZ directory.There are many sites which are disapproved by DMOZ directory. One of the main reason is, People never submit their sites to the relevant and exact categories. Also there is a additional benefit from DMOZ, if its listed in any particular category, your site may get that extra $$$ while selling it.

Most of us submit our site to any random directory and end up with a rejection. You have to be very very specific about your niche and category. The more time you take in deciding your niche, the more better your site has the chances to get approved. Usually, all these websites are personally reviewed and monitored by DMOZ volunteers and editors. These people will personally visit your site and check whether the site is falling under the relevant category or not. If your site has improper information and improper category, your request will be rejected. And it will be really long to get your site approved or disapproved. So make the best use of your time with DMOZ. I’ll tell you how exactly you can submit your site to DMOZ.

Before submitting your site to DMOZ, make sure to check whether you have applied earlier or not. Because once your site is submitted, you shouldn’t resubmit it again. So be careful before you submit your site. Some times your site will be submitted by some fans or loyal visitors. So always check for the domain name or keyword before applying for DMOZ directories. If your site is not listed in any of the DMOZ categories, you may submit your website URL. Its very hard to understand the submitting concept of DMOZ directory. Specially for people who are using it for the first time. You might see that some categories have a Suggest URL option, and some may not. The main reason for this change is the category location and category moderator.

If you are submitting your site where there is no moderator present, then your request will take really long to get approved.  It may take years to get listed in DMOZ if you choose the wrong category. I’ve found out a simple way to submit your website to DMOZ. Just follow these simple steps to submit your site for good results.

Submit your site to DMOZ directory:

1) Open DMOZ Directory
2) Go to search.
3) Think about your biggest competitor and search for them. Eg: If your site is about technology updates, then select your competitor as mashable , techcrunch or etc.
4) Once you search your competitor, you will see their site listed in DMOZ directory. (note: choose the oldest, biggest competitor)
5) You can view their listed category in DMOZ search page. See the below screenshot. Submit your Site to DMOZ Directory

7) Select the category which they are in.
8) Soon  after you go there, you will find a option called Suggest URL.
9) Click on the URL and submit your information. Make sure all your information is accurate and relevant .

This how you can submit your site to DMOZ directory. And once your submit your request, wait for a conformation mail from DMOZ directory. A moderator will soon review your site and let you in if your site is worth being there. I’ve made a detailed video about submitting your site to DMOZ directory. Take a look at it and let me know if you have any further queries. Here we go,

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