Should I Change My Guest Post Link Again After Few Days? – No Ethics Huh?

Every blogger in their blogging career will write a guest post. Some people make it a business, and some people write for passion. And if you have not written any guest post so far, wait for the day to come. You must give up your laziness someday and start working on a genuine guest post. Usually the guest authors write short content, and worry about Google slaps. They keep asking me whether Google love short content or not. Well, it does. But you should follow some SEO practices and guidelines before guest blogging. If you are a consistent guest author, you might have surely thought, Hmm! Should I change my guest post link to a new one after few days? Well, I would say NO! Why? read the below article buddy! You are doing it wrong. And don’t entertain people who make money from same source again and again without giving you any benefits.

Should I change my guest post link

Guest blogging is an amazing practice to show your writing skills. Few blogs like SEOmoz have amazing audience, who would love to share and accept your guest article as a regular post in that site. Recently the SEO God, SEOMOZ has posted an amazing article onΒ The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Guest Blogging. This article was written by Pratik Dholakiya, who shared amazing stuff in this article. One should understand the small concept of relationships in guest blogging. When you are publishing a guest article in someones blog, just look for a long term relationship. Stop selling spam and referral links in your author bio. You sound so stupid and unethical. You can earn money in other genuine ways, where you need not bother any blog owner to post your crap for free.

Should I Change My Guest Post Link Again After Few Days?

Now lets come to the main topic, Should I change my guest post link to something else after few days? Okay! Let me tell you few important ethics you are missing in guest blogging. First of all, Lets talk about the important SEO factors, Before me going into detail explanation, I would suggest you to remove that thought of selling links to a website via back linking method. Second thing is, you should follow few basic ethics. ETHICS?? In BLOGGING? Yes! my dear! You are a human being! You should follow few ethics right? Below are few important ethics and guidelines you need to follow for guest blogging.

Let me assume that you have posted a guest article in some blog. Follow the below guidelines to understand the SEO reasons to avoid linking a different link in the same article after few days.

  • When you are changing the link to a new one, the keyword remains mostly the same. This is bad! A same keyword with different URL’s pointing to a domain is not good.
  • The above statement becomes more worse when you are pointing the link to a different URL from the same keyword or article again and again.
  • Your articles are already indexed by Google, so whats the point if you are changing the link again?
  • This methods kills the blog reputation which is accepting your guest post.
  • What if I change the keyword to something else? – Dude! the content and the pictures are the same!
  • Readers who already read that article don’t know about what happened there! What if a reader comes back to the same article and checks the link. He/She will surely think the blog owner is a making hell lot of money from this!
  • As a guest author, you might think, what will be my problem if the author and his blog is screwed up! Well, in long run even you will be screwed up too!
  • Remember a simple fact of avoiding different links with same keyword.

Should I change my guest post link

Okay! Now lets talk about the ETHICS!

  • Don’t you think you are violating the ethics by changing a link in the same article again?
  • Did you ever wonder about the blog owner who accepts your guest article?
  • Do you think the blog owner cant write his/her own content?
  • I don’t think you will be happy if someones blog is getting hurt.
  • Your frequent link changes are misguiding a reader. Whom are you writing for?
  • Your credibility goes down if you are changing the same links to something else in future.
  • The poor blog owner will get pissed off with your stupid behavior!
  • You need Ethics to make some reputation in blogging industry. Improve them!

These are the guidelines for people who ask, Should I change my guest post link?Β  If you follow these simple steps to learn better SEO and Ethics, I would be more than happy for you all. Please improve your reputation and self satisfaction with good behavior. You might not be knowing about these things earlier, but now you do! So be kind and generous to people. Remember that, what you give will come back to you. Your good thoughts and ethical behavior can get you amazing offline clients too.

And one key note to all the blog authors who accept Guest blogging. Please don’t allow your contributor to change their links again and again. Once they post something, that’s it! You are not allowing them to edit the links or content again. You are hurting your blog reputation and ethics! Also you are loosing your readers in long run. Don’t lose your valuable readers for sake of extra content or money!

I hope this article has bought some key points in discussion! If you feel the article is hatred or pointing a particular group of people, I’m sorry! I don’t care! Please leave your queries and responses on this above post. Happy blogging!

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