Changing Sitemap Articles Frequency to Monthly – The Biggest Issue

Sitemaps are the most important concepts of SEO optimization, as they act as road maps to your site. A sitemap allows search engine bots to navigate through different articles, categories and pages within your website. Sitemaps attract search engines and users to navigate through your website content

Ultimate Guide to Recover from Google Unnatural Links Penalty – eBook

Google sent Unnatural Links Warning to many bloggers and webmasters who indulged in bad linking practices.. Thousands of websites have lost their traffic over night, and this became a major issue for many SEO companies and experts who provided them the cheap link building strategies. Google was

How to Locate a Website Unnatural Links via Google Webmaster Tools

If you have implemented some serious link building techniques to gain back links, then you are in deep trouble. You should quickly find out all the unnatural inbound links passing through your website, and take them down as soon as possible. Google took some serious actions to

Why You Shouldn’t Exchange Blogroll Links in 2013 – Unnatural Links

Many SEO experts and tech bloggers know about the Google penalties and recent algorithms. But most of them miss the core concept of link building schemes and off-page SEO. Many people don’t know the fact that Google is strictly against building unnatural links in your websites. Google

Why Google Suspends an AdSense Account – Top 7 Reasons for Ban

Though many websites, SEO forums have mentioned that Google AdSense will not ban your accounts, people still complain about getting banned from AdSense. This is little bit surprising to me, as many bloggers told me that their AdSense was banned recently. It’s now time to play safe

Benefits of Comment Marketing for Popularity and Traffic

Commenting on a blog (a.k.a Comment Marketing) is one of the most successful and traditional way of getting traffic to your website. Though many people doesn’t follow this technique to rank up in Google nowadays, they still do it for popularity, trust and respect. Many people fail

Google Rolled Out Final Manual Panda Refresh – 15th March 2013

As announced previously, Google has refreshed the new Panda update this Friday. The #25 Google Panda update might bring a lot of changes to your organic traffic. Many bloggers and webmasters have already complied about the huge traffic loss yesterday, and are getting ready to recover from

5 Best Techniques to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of a Website

Getting traffic to a website will be the most important task of any blogger/webmaster these days. Most of us concentrate on On-Page, Off-Page optimizations, which will help us to gain some popularity in the beginning, but what about the outdated content and optimization techniques which won’t work