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Today SEOSiren is excited to bring you an interview with Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits. Spencer Haws lives in Richland, Washington, who quit his job in 2011 to work full time on his blogs. He worked extremely hard on his niche blogs, which made him to create over 200 websites in an year.  I’ve been following Spencer from an year, and was inspired to start my own niche blogs under his guidance. Spencer Haws is popularly known for his niche blogs, who concentrates solely on niche marketing from beginning.  He helped many people to earn money from his Niche Site Project, which was a super success niche model till now. He recently geared up to start another series of Niche Site Project, by selecting a random student of his choice.

Interview With Spencer Haws From Niche Pursuits

Spencer Haws is extremely passionate about his niche projects, which made him to create an awesome product called Long Tail Pro. This software changed the way every niche marketer works on keyword research. Long Tail Pro is an extremely popular tool to find gold nugget keywords in less time. It can pull over thousands of profitable niche keyword ideas with low competition and high CPC. People who use Long Tail Pro had created hundreds of keyword rich websites in less time compared to another tool in the world.

Long Tail Pro is extremely fast compared to Market Samurai, and is suggested by niche site experts like Pat Flynn. Long Tail Pro is priced $97 with free life time updates, whereas you can grab it for $67 with a special coupon give at end. SEOSiren is extremely proud to present an interview with Spencer haws about whats working in niche marketing now. We grabbed some quick questions to understand how niche marketing concept works in various aspects. So people, here we go..

Interview With Spencer Haws From Niche Pursuits

1) Hello Spencer, after going through your Niche Site Project, a lot of people were inspired to start their own micro niche sites. But unfortunately many of them failed at the initial process. What are the most important qualities of handling a micro niche project?

I think that people need to have an good attention to detail, a certain base of knowledge, and the ability to stick to it.

The most common mistake that I see is picking keywords that are just too difficult to rank for or have too low search volume – this is simply a mistake of not paying attention to detail.

2) I believe keywords are the most difficult ones to find in a micro niche blog. What are the quickest ways of getting seed keyword ideas in micro niche blogging? Can you share us few resources to get used to them?

First you need to get find “seed” keywords; but then you need to expand those seed keywords into usable keywords for a site.  You can find seed keywords all over the place.  I like to use Amazon categories, eBay categories, or large lists that can be found on Wikipedia or other places.

Then I use Long Tail Pro (the keyword tool I created), to expand those lists and find lots of useable keywords for niche sites.

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3) What are the key elements of finding a right keyword? And what is the ideal number of searches a keyword should have in a month? And what are the basic things we all miss when researching our niche keyword?

You need to find keywords that have enough search volume, are commercial, and are easy to rank for.  There is often a fine balance between higher searches are still being low enough competition.

I like keywords that have at least 2500 exact match searches; and over a $1 CPC is ideal.

Most people make the mistake of looking at broad matches – rather than exact match.  Many people also make the mistake of looking at Global search volume, rather than local search volume.  Don’t make those mistakes!

4) After Google Panda, Penguin and EMD, people lost faith in authority blogging. Can micro niche blogging help them to achieve that dream 6 figure income in a year?

Sure.  And lets be clear, its not all about “micro” niche blogging.  I have some smaller sites, but I also have penguin 2 updatebigger sites.  If you are providing value to readers, you can most certainly still rank in Google.

The growth in online advertising is huge.  Companies are moving from traditional advertising to online advertising and there is no reason that we as online publishers can’t be building sites and making money from these advertisers.

5) Link building is one of the biggest challenge in micro niche blogging. What are the best practises in 2013 to stay away from Google radar?

Build natural links as much as possible.  Reach out to others in your industry and get on their radar.  Look at the links that others in your niche already have and try to get the same links.

But honestly, the ability to find and target low competition keywords is much more important in my opinion than link building.

6) Many people give up after Google AdSense ban. Is there any other way to earn money other than AdSense? If so, what could be the initial investment to start of that business?

I came back after getting my Google Adsense account closed; and I haven’t had any issue’s since then.  I’ve had a new Adsense account for over a year now.  So, I think its not a big a deal as some people make it out to be.

There are tons of others ways to advertise on your site.  So, even if your Adsense account gets closed, you can have new advertising up in a matter of hours.

Other ways include Amazon Associates, selling affiliate products, selling your own product, infolinks,,, CPA offers, and tons more.

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7) Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income is taking your help to build Niche Site Duel, can you share the most challenging part in this project?

I did not build the niche site duel.  This was all Pat Flynn.  I did offer my advice to Pat early on when he was building his Security Guard Training site.  I advised him how to place some of his Google Adsense ads which helped him increase his earnings.

But overall, I have absolutely nothing to do with the Niche Site Duel.

8) Buying exact match domain is very much needed in niche micro blogging. Is there any way to play safe from Google EMD update?

The EMD update was very minor.  Its didn’t penalize EMDs, it simply removed the extra boost that these sites used to get.  So, now its more of a level playing field for all domains.

Its not essential to have an EMD, you can also use partial match domains, or even a non-match domain.

9) Many people asked me for Long Tail Pro discount coupon. Is there any way we can enjoy the benefits of this awesome tool at a discounted price?

Sure, here is a $30 discount: Long Tail Pro – 30% off

10) What are the most important strengths of micro niche blogging in 2013? Can you share what is working in 2013 for micro niche blogs?

The fundamentals are the same.  Strong research is critical.  You absolutely must put in the time to find keywords that you can actually rank for.  Once that is done, the rest is execution.

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We hope you enjoyed reading this interview from Spencer Haws. We promise you to get more expert advices from different fields of SEO and marketing in future. Please leave your valuable comment in the below description for further queries. And enjoy your Long Tail Pro discount coupon by clicking the above link.

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