Interview With Jon Cooper From Point Blank SEO – Link Building Expert

Welcome to another celebrity interview series of SEO, Analytics and Link Building. Today we have Jon Cooper from Point Blank SEO, who is considered to be one of the youngest link building genius in the industry. Jon worked as an SEO consultant for top class companies from past 2 years, and currently runs his own business at Point Blank SEO. Jon is very transparent with his linking strategies, and has produced an amazing link building training course recently. This course went viral in SEO market, which revealed the secrets of WordPress and Ecommerce link building.

What Does Point Blank SEO do?

Point Blank SEO is Jon’s personal link building blog, where you can find amazing link building strategies, guides and courses. Point Blank SEO writes amazing content on how to build high quality links with white hat techniques. This blog mainly focuses on link builders and SEO experts who search how to build high quality links in less time.

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Who Exactly Is Jon Cooper?

Jon Cooper is a 19 year old student who studies at University of Florida. He was into SEO from past 2 years, and concentrated only on link building through out his journey. Jon realized the fact of not having too many blogs on link building, which made him to start his own blog on link building. He initially started to blog on, which later was transformed into a self hosting WordPress website. Soon Jon became one of the top class link building expert in the industry, which bought him millions of dollars at a very young age.

Interview With Jon Cooper From Point Blank SEO

Interview With Jon Cooper From Point Blank SEO

1) Hello Jon, We are glad to have you on SEOSiren. Can you please tell us a little about Point Blank SEO?

Thanks Satish. Point Blank SEO is a blog I started about 2 years ago about link building. It really wasn’t read by anyone until Jan. 2012, and since then, I’ve started consulting as well.

2) What is your most important strategy to building natural links?

Creating content that’s been proven to get links based off the history of similar content. Sometimes we think that we should just create whatever we think is cool or would be great, but if there’s been multiple pages of content in the past around one topic that have gotten lots of links previously, then those are the topics I start with first, not the topics no one has created content on (more risky when starting out).

3) People are confused between Google Penguin vs Unnatural Links Penalty. Can you please help us in understanding these two concepts with a clear example?

If you dropped from page 1 to page 2 for some of your terms, then that’s an algorithmic change. If you dropped from Page 1 out of the first 50 results, and it’s hard to find your website when you Google your brand name, then that’s a penalty (also good chance that you’ll be getting a warning in your Google Webmasters account). Algorithmic can be recovered from easily (some links in your profile were devalued) because you can just build more of the links that are helping you rank currently and less of the ones that got devalued. A penalty is harder to recover from, because when you send in the reconsideration request, you have to show considerable effort to remove those links, which isn’t always the easiest thing to prove.

4) Google has launched their new Penguin 2.0 update, and many people are complaining about losing traffic even without any link building practices. How is it possible?

That wouldn’t make sense because, as we know, Penguin targets links, so I’d have to take a look in each individual case. But if it was a legitimate complaint, then it’s most likely a lot of sites were helped by Penguin, thus jumping above them, instead of their site dropping.

5) Google Penguin 2.0 announced that it will take down the black SEOs, back linking tools and spam webmasters who built unnatural backlinks. How far do you think this is possible with recent 2.0 update?

Like with any update, some sites will fall through the cracks, while others will be flamed. Some spammers went down hard, while others rejoiced, so it’s a continuous battle not to kill off every spammer, but to make black hat SEO increasingly difficult and to introduce more unknowns so, essentially, the idea of doing black hat will eventually be more difficult than doing white hat.

We had to limit the questions to only 5, as Jon is busy with some upcoming projects and courses on link building. I personally thank him for spending his valuable time with our readers. You can leave your comments in the below section on link building and SEO, I will be more than happy to answer them with Jon’s help asap!

You can follow Jon Cooper on twitter @pointblankseo, Google+ and Facebook

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