How to Get Super Fast Alexa Rankings Within 30 Days – eBook

This is the first eBook i have ever written in my 2 years of Blogging career. I have writtenΒ  a detailed eBook on How to get super fast Alexa rankings within 30 days. Alexa ranking is the most crucial part in deciding a site status and respect. A website with good Alexa ranking may attract many other clients and partners. Though many people doesn’t consider Alexa as an important factor, still it isΒ  very useful in building up a good websiteΒ  portfolio. A good Alexa rank will show your site status and seriousness. Keeping this in mind, I have explained many concepts of getting good Alexa rankings.

How to Get Super Fast Alexa Rankings

How to Get Super Fast Alexa Rankings:

I have covered how your site should be SEO optimized to get Alexa rankings. You might be wondering, How come Alexa is linked with SEO Structure of a site. Well you will find the answer inside the eBook. Check out the topics which i covered in this eBook.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction:

  • What is Alexa and Alexa Rankings?
  • What are the Benefits of Alexa Rankings?
  • How to get good Alexa Rank?

2. SEO Structure

  • Select a Good Domain Provider
  • Selecting a Good Hosting Service:
  • Install your CMS
  • Finding your Keywords
  • Installing your Site Keywords
  • Selecting a Good Theme
  • Install Google Webmaster Tools
  • Install Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Create your Site Robots.txt File
  • Create a Sitemap for your site
  • Write Two Kick Ass Articles
  • Make your posts Viral on Social Media
  • Get some Blogger comments
  • Structure your Site Regularly in Google Search

3.Β Working with Alexa (Download the eBook here)

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