Matt Cutts: Google will Penalize Guest Blogging Websites

Last month, Matt Cutts from Google said, “Guest blogging can be good upto one extent”. A lot of people were confused whether Google will penalize guest blogging websites or not. To clear this confusion, Matt came up with a solidΒ  statement saying, “We will penalize spammy guest blogging websites”.Β  Matt released another Q & A video describing how your website will be hammered with too many guest posts in your site. This time the question comes from India,

Currently, guest blogging is the favorite activity of webmasters for link acquisition. Due to its easy nature, lot of spammy activities are going on like article spinning etc. Is Google going to hammer websites for links acquired by guest blogging? – Nandita B, India

Google will Penalize Guest Blogging Websites

Replying to this question, Matt said, If you are allowing too many guest bloggers who do article spinning and write low quality articles, that is a pretty bad indicator of quality. And if your site links to sites that are low quality sources, that will take down your site reputation.

Google will Penalize Guest Blogging Websites

So yes, Google will surely take down the sites which allow too many spammy guest bloggers and low quality articles. And if you allow these bloggers to guest blog on your site, your site might have bad reputation. So don’t just think about that. Don’t think that this is guest blogging and it will be good.

As the owner of your site,You should always think about

  • Quality of the post.
  • Quality of the link.
  • Matter of words put into it.
  • And whether your users are gonna be happy landing on that page.

And if you allow low quality articles, links in your site, your users might be unhappy. So Google will be interested to solve that problem. So do think about that when you allow guest blogging in your site.

Check out this video,

Conclusion: Yes, Google will penalize guest blogging websites. To avoid this issue, just make sure the quality of that article, link are not spammy or bad. And If you want to guest blog in other site, its absolutely okay. But make sure that the articlesΒ  and links from that source are rich in quality. If you keep on publishing spammy and low quality articles, Google will surely ban your site.

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