Google Refreshed their New Page Rank Update – November 2012

Finally after months of wait, Google refreshed their new Page Rank Update. This November 2012 Page rank update was very much awaited by new bloggers and website owners. As Google continues to slap old websites and blogs with their farming updates, this Page rank was bit relief to newcomers. As per the news, a lot of people experienced their page rank to be much better than the previous update. But surprisingly, all these sites which benefited in this Page rank update were completely new. And most of the Sites which were slapped earlier had  no good change in their rankings. Most of these penalized sites are either dropped out with little difference, or with no change.

Google Refreshed their New Page Rank Update

Google Refreshed their New Page Rank Update: November 2012

Earlier, a lot of people condemned the PR update  gossips in November 2012. But surprisingly, Google has released their Page Rank algorithm at late night (IST), leaving few bloggers worried and depressed. Many people don’t understand the page rank algorithm from Google these days. As per few SEO sites, If you have more outbound links (Usually Guest blogs), there is a 100% chance of PR slap on your site. Where as, Few other sites have something else to say. “The more you link to others, the more you benefit”. This confusing back linking process is still a million dollar question for many bloggers out there. Few sites had good PR depending on their Domain authority too. Two of my blogger friends said,

I’m very happy to see my blog Gadgets Blog has a Page Rank 3 now. I have been waiting since 2 years to get a hike in rank. – Aktar

I am so happy about this PR update. All my efforts and experiments on blogging succeeded. All my blogs got a good PR. – Pavan Somu 

If you are wondering why your site is not having good PR, then you should surely check your back links. Tell us site PR rank and get a free help from our expert team. So before the next PR update, you can surely get enough back links to get a decent rank. BTW, the next Google Page Rank is expected to be in the first week of February 2013. So tighten up your boots for the next PR update. If you have any queries on your site PR, you are welcome to ask a query. You can also share your site link and PR rank in below comments.

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