February 4th 2013 Google Page Rank Update – Seosiren from PR 0 to PR 4

Google slapped many sites in 2012 with panda, penguin, EMD updates, many people didn’t come out of that slap yet, as Google was very harsh in farming all these sites with many algorithms and methods. But one thing which never changed from years is Google Page Rank algorithm. Thanks to Google which made the necessary steps to eliminate low authority pages and links from its search engine. If anyone is still making money from their blog after the panda, penguin and EMD updates, it would be with their site Page rank factor. Page rank is the most important factor in your website success and you should always keep an eye on your inbound and outbound links in your site.


February 4th 2013 Google Page Rank Update:

Google updated their first Page rank update in 2013 today. This update was very much expected to be launch this month and finally it came out with too many surprises. The previous update was on 2 August 2012, which was not that great enough for many bloggers and webmasters. But this page rank update was very much favorable toΒ  everyone, and our site SEOSiren.com which is just 3 months older, got a Page rank 4. I know, this is amazing! But trust me, I really worked hard for that and now I’m enjoying my success. I will be soon writing a post on how i took my blog from PR 0 to 4 in just 3 months. The next PR update will be out within 3-4 months, and i suggest all the young bloggers to speed up their back linking.

February 4th 2013 Google Page Rank Update

You can check your page rank here and I’m would be happy to help you in achieving a very good page rank in future.
Check your page rank now here! And i know you might be excited to know how SEOSiren got PR 4 within 3 months. Well, here are few important factors you need to take care to achieve a high page rank.

These are the most important SEO factors in link building and I’ll be writing a detailed case study with many more SEO factors and techniques in my future article.

February 4th 2013 Google Page Rank Update

These are just few important factors in achieving a good Page rank to your blog. I’m very glad that Ifham Khan and few bloggers have wished me and SEOSiren for this small success. And I’m very much thankful to Pavan Somu from GeekandBlogger who allowed me to post 10 Best SEO Practices to Follow in his site. If you have any queries regarding this article, please let me know via comments. Happy Blogging!

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