Benefits of Comment Marketing for Popularity and Traffic

Commenting on a blog (a.k.a Comment Marketing) is one of the most successful and traditional way of getting traffic to your website. Though many people doesn’t follow this technique to rank up in Google nowadays, they still do it for popularity, trust and respect. Many people fail to make their influence on blogs with few silly mistakes and ignorance. As many people asked me to cover this concept in detail, I decided to write about the benefits of comment marketing for popularity and traffic. Please don’t be in a false assumption that I’ll cover only these three topics in this post, but in fact I’m going to mention few important tips to gain awareness, likeability, trust, traffic, clients and adding value to your online authority. Stay tuned to discover the most amazing facts of comment marketing in this below article.

benefits of comment marketing for popularity and traffic

Benefits of Comment Marketing for Popularity and Traffic

Comment marketing is one of the biggest form of internet marketing and inbound marketing in SEO world, which allows you to make comments on other blogs/websites. There are 3 different types of comment marketing, which are classified as white hat, black hat and grey hat techniques. There are many advantages and disadvantages of these 3 techniques in SEO world.

White Hat Technique: Usually people follow white hat techniques to gain trust, authority and respect. These people doesn’t bother whether they are getting links from a particular website or not, but in fact their main aim will be to influence people via comments and discussions. All they do is to target the right niche in the internet community, and start leaving the comments manually.

benefits of comment marketing for popularity and traffic

Black Hat Technique: The black hat stuff is generalized as a comment spamming technique to build links and traffic. There are hundreds of automated tools which doesn’t require your physical appearance to make comments on other websites. These kind of techniques are not welcomed by Google, which results in a site penalty or ban instantly.

Grey Hat Technique: This grey hat technique is practiced by people who doesn’t add any value to their comments. Their entire goal is to get a back-link at the end of the day. You might have observed some folks commenting in your blogs as “Nice post”, “Good work”, “Thank you” and etc.

Comment Marketing – How to do it?

Comment marketing is a great concept of participating in web communities to gain the authority, trust and respect. People should recognize your influence by looking at your comment content which adds value to the discussion. A white hat technique will never let you down in comment marketing strategies to gain authority in long run. If you are leaving a comment on a blog, make sure to add value to it. May be it a one line comment, or a paragraph, never misguide people with your limited knowledge or ignorance.

benefits of comment marketing for popularity and traffic

Internet consists of millions of blogs and websites which allow you to comment instantly. Don’t misuse the opportunity to gain someones likeability and trust towards your knowledge.

Will Comments Work?

Yes! comments work well for people who add value to their comments. These people are called high influencers, who put their knowledge and content into the comment directly. They have large amount of Facebook, Twitter followers, and likely to be the most popular personalities in your niche.Β  They have the ability to link back to your websites from their content to gain your trust and likeability. These people have the potential reach to spread your message via conferences, events and gain other users respect at the same time.

Since these influencers gain your trust and respect slowly, you cannot refuse their offer on guest posting in your blog. Sounds cool right? Yes it is! So always plan for a long term relationship with your comment marketing strategy.

Goals of Comment Marketing

Your goal in comment marketing is pretty simple. Just make sure to build relations and

  • Awareness
  • Recognition
  • Trust
  • Likeability
  • Familiarity
  • Positiveness

benefits of comment marketing for popularity and traffic

What to Avoid in Comment Marketing?

Since I’ve told the most important aspects of comment marketing, lets now concentrate on what not to concentrate on comment marketing.

  • Don’t try to brand your products.
  • Don’t comment to build links.
  • Don’t build your profiles
  • Don’t comment without adding value (Eg: Thank you for the post, Good post, Nice article)

How to be successful in Comment Marketing?

As Marva Collins said “Success doesn’t come with you… you go to it”, the same way you need to visit other blogs to make your online authority. Jump on the blogs to leave your valuable comments and inputs without spamming anywhere. Check out the below pro tips to learn how to comment on blogs for trust and respect.

Stop Using Buzz Words:

I feel so sad when people use their website names or keywords to comment on other blogs. If you are using the words Blogging Tips, SEO, SMO, Marketing and other buzz words in your profile name, you are not considered to be a influence commenter.Β  Avoid using these words to gain a positive impression from readers and blog owners who see your comment. Example: John @Blogging Tips, Sourav@SEO tips, Benny Marketing, Sam @Gaming Tips and etc.

benefits of comment marketing for popularity and traffic

Using these kind of buzz might piss of people, which might create a bad impression on your profile and network.

Don’t Promote your products:Β 

You might have observed few people commenting, “Hey I have a similar product in my website” “Check my website for similar content or information” and many other self promotion activities which makes people to shut down your comment. Instead, try to share you knowledge in their blogs, and grab the readers attention. This works like a charm when you are doing it on a regular basis.

Know the website:

Before commenting on any blog, try to read their previous posts and comments to get into a real conversation. I usually read the past 4 articles written in their blogs to get that flow as a influence commenter. It is also important to read the comments made by other people to get into a positive conversation. You might be kicking yourself if a guy asked a similar question just before you left your comment.

Never spam your links:

Stop posting your blog links in comments and discussions. Doing this will make the admin to mark your comment as a spam, and ban you from posting the comments in future. Always make sure to refer your site links with a broken hyper link, so instead of spamming, use as a reference to the above mentioned article. You should also ask the blog owners permission to approve you broken hypertext link if possible. Many generous blog owner will make your link click able if its relevant to what they wrote about.

benefits of comment marketing for popularity and traffic

Target the right blogs:

Many people leave comment on irrelevant blogs and forums for backlinks. This should be totally avoided, as Google expects your backlinks to be built within the same niche. This might also leave a bad impression on people, who wont expect a technology writer to be an expert in yeast infections.

Word count in a comment:

If you wanted to be a influence commenter, then make sure to write a comment not less than 150 words. Doing this will create a positive impression on the readers as well as the site owners, which might result in building backlinks and relations.

Participate in a positive debates:

You need not comment a positive reply all the time. If you feel any part of the article, blog post is wrong, just shoot them a polite and respectful comment saying, “Hey, I agree to what you said above, but i seriously don’t agree with the last paragraph”. But make sure the point you made is absolutely correct.

Use the same avatar:

Since we all are looking for popularity, trust and respect, always make sure to use the same avatar whenever you go. May it be your personal blog, or some other, always make sure to use your original face and avatar for commenting online. This will allow your previous readers to remember your comment, site and authority.

Reply to other comments:

You might have observed people replying to other comments in a positive way. Doing this will create a strong user base to your profile, and result a great online authority.

Following these above pro tips might surely help you to gain some online authority and trust very soon. Remember that commenting has nothing to do with your PageRank, people assume that their site PageRank can improved by leaving comments. I hope you enjoyed reading this post in SEOSiren. Please leave your valuable comments and queries below.

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